Canada Sanctions, Ukraine Bond Offer Shows Allegiance to US, UK Anti-Russian Line – Stepanov


WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News/Sputnik – Oct. 29, 2022) Ottawa’s new sanctions against Moscow and its announcement of a new government-backed Ukrainian sovereignty bond demonstrate its allegiance to the anti-Russian line pursued by Washington and London, a said Russian Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov Sputnik.

Canada on Friday announced sanctions against 35 other Russians, including Gazprom executives, and six energy entities in a show of support for Ukraine. This decision comes as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on an official visit to Canada.

“This is another senseless, absurd anti-Russian and hostile gesture by the Trudeau cabinet. It continues to mindlessly produce symbolic sanctions in automatic mode, which can have no impact on either Russia or the people involved in these lists. “, said Stepanov. “This is a purely symbolic gesture, which has been timed by Prime Minister Trudeau to coincide with the opening of the next assembly of the Canadian-Ukrainian Congress, which is held every three years and will be held this end of week. This is such a subservient gesture to the Bandera-Ukrainian diaspora here in Canada, counting on their votes in certain election cycles. »

The timing of the measures – sanctions, bonds and reporting on everything they do for the Ukrainian regime – is no coincidence.

“All these announcements, they, of course, were for Blinken’s visit to bow in their allegiance to the common anti-Russian line that the United States and Britain lead, and Canada also wants to be part of it. of this trio of such leaders, “said Stepanov. “To some extent, it even outstrips the American steam locomotive ideologically, if not practically.

Stepanov went on to say that the Trudeau government is showing absolute political unscrupulousness by recklessly supporting the kyiv regime.

“For many years, since 2014, since the unconstitutional coup in Ukraine, Canada has never once condemned the crimes of the kyiv regime against civilians, against the people of Donbass,” the statement said. ambassador.

“He turns a blind eye to the regular shelling of the civilian population and civilian infrastructure. Donetsk was shelled 36 times today. Of course, we won’t hear a word of condemnation from this government.”

Moreover, Stepanov continued, Ottawa failed to condemn the terrorist act against the Crimean Bridge, remained silent on the explosions on the Nord Stream and failed to condemn the murder of Russian journalist Daria Dugina.

At the same time, Canada continues to provide military, military-technical, advisory, training and broad economic assistance to the kyiv regime, he added.

Thus, Ottawa supports the inhuman war of Ukraine and the crimes committed by this regime.

“It’s unfortunate,” he said. “This is just a demonstration of such gutta-percha awareness of the current government led by Mr. Trudeau.”

Stepanov also said Moscow would react to Ottawa’s latest decision on the principle of reciprocity.

“Even realizing all the symbolism and absurdity of Canadian measures, it is customary in interstate relations to respond proportionally,” he said. “Therefore, the response will follow, although at the level of diplomatic communication through diplomatic channels, we say to the Canadian side that ‘you probably yourself understand the absurdity of these gestures, and you impose sanctions, we we will answer you and it will continue in a circle until you stop, because we are never the first to introduce sanctions.

Russia, he added, only recognizes sanctions imposed under the mandate of the UN Security Council.

“Unilateral sanctions are illegal, they are simply illegal,” the ambassador said.


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