BREWHALL brings back Mighty Morphin Sour Rangers series – Canadian Beer News


VANCOUVER, BCbrewhouse announced the release of three limited edition flavored variants of Mighty Morphin Sour Dry Hopped Rangers Sour (6.5% abv), two of which are returning from last year and one is debuting.

Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger Tropical Sour Dragon Fruit (5.5% abv):

Using our Mighty Morphin Sour Rangers base, we packaged this beer on red pitaya, or dragon fruit, and passion fruit juice. Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger pours a pink-magenta hue and has bright tropical flavors with a dry finish and refreshing acidity.

Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger Mango Passionfruit Sour (6.5% abv):

The Mighty Morphin Sour Rangers team is strengthened with the addition of the Yellow Ranger. This beer is conditioned with Alphonso mango and passion fruit juice to add a burst of tropical flavor with a deep yellow hue.

Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Cherry Vanilla Sour (4.5% abv):

Red Ranger is new to our Mighty Morphin Sour Rangers series. Leading the charge with dark cherry and vanilla, this sour beer is full of flavor and ready to take on the world. Try it alone or alongside other rangers and get ready for morphine hour!

The complete Mighty Morphin series is available now in the BREWHALL store.

Source and photo: BREWHALL


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