Bluey Appoints Licensing Agents in Canada and Mexico


Blue Distributor and licensor BBC Studios has announced the appointment of two licensing agencies to expand the brand’s merchandising program into Canada and Mexico, respectively.

Nelvana will represent Blue in Canada while Panaderia will do the same in Mexico to expand the show beyond the screen for fans across North America.

Blue is already established as a delightfully charming brand with phenomenal international success, ”said Mellany Masterson, Director of Nelvana Enterprises. “We are thrilled to partner with BBC Studios to bring the magic and joy of the series to life through fun and engaging products for Canadian children and families.”

“It’s always a challenge to find properties that are close to your heart and that have the content and the team to make them a success, and Blue has it all, ”said Panaderia President and CEO Maca Rotter. “We are delighted to partner with BBC Studios to bring Blue to life for children all over Mexico.

Meanwhile help grow BlueMurilo Hinojosa, recently appointed Director of Licenses for BBC Studios, is present in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Based in the UK, Hinojosa will identify Territorial Agents and manage brand development in other priority markets including Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

In June 2021, Canadian fans saw the debut of the Blue master partner line of Moose Toys toys; other products from new licensees are expected in 2022.

For Mexico, Moose has chosen Bandai as their distributor, and the toys are expected to hit select stores in Liverpool this fall.

In addition, BBC Studios will expand the Blue brands in soft lines, hard lines, health and beauty care, and more, in all territories.

“Nelvana and Panaderia are leading agencies in their respective markets with a long history of success, and we are delighted to work with them to build the Blue brand in North America, ”said Suzy L. Raia, senior vice president, consumer products and business development, Americas. “With these new partners on board, children in these regions will soon benefit from a range of Blue products and creating their own series-inspired adventures.


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