“Best wishes, warmest regards: the story of Schitt’s Creek”



A book based on the nine-time Emmy Award-winning series

Posted on 11/22/21, 9:30 AM

This table book by Daniel and Eugene Levy celebrates the key moments in the creation of the hugely popular Canadian sitcom – Schitt Creek.

The show, which has been hailed by critics and viewers as one of the most groundbreaking comedy series of the past decade, spans six seasons and chronicles the life of the Rose family as they go bankrupt on the overnight and is forced to relocate and adjust to life in a small town, which is their only remaining asset.

This isn’t your ordinary coffee table book, it’s a real treat for fans who get a glimpse into some of the BTS (behind the scenes) moments of the show’s creation. Along with the character profiles of Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis, the book also features special items, illustrated catalogs of David’s knit sweaters, as well as key moments from the series, including David and Patrick’s first kiss. . It also records the many adventures of Alexis referred to in the series and contains a long list of Moira’s (exaggerated) vocabulary.

A true collector’s edition, this book deserves a place on your Christmas shopping list, whether for yourself or for that ultimate. Schitt Creek fan in your friends group.
And if you haven’t watched “Ew, David” yet, what are you waiting for?

– Upasya Bhowal


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