Bauhaus releases first new song in 14 years


Listen to “Drink the New Wine” now

Posted on March 23, 2022

Post-punk titans of the Bauhaus are back with their first new piece of music since 2008 go white. They marked their comeback with “Drink the New Wine,” which came together remotely like an “exquisite corpse,” according to a statement.

“‘Drink the New Wine’ was recorded last year during lockdown with all four members sharing audio files. The track uses the Surrealists’ ‘Exquisite Corpse’ device in which each artist adds to the piece without seeing what the others have done,” the band said. explained the process in a press release.

They continued:

The Bauhaus used this technique in the past with great success. The title refers to the very first drawing of Cadavre exquis made by André Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Prévert and Yves Tanguy which included words which, when strung together, made up the phrase “The exquisite corpse will boiara le vin nouveau”. will drink the new wine”). For the recording, the four musicians each had one minute and eight tracks plus a shared sixty seconds plus four tracks for a composite at the end. All done without hearing what the others had The only common thread being a pre-recorded beat courtesy of Kevin. The final playback came as a synchronic revelation.

The single has yet to be attached to any upcoming work, although the band have several tour dates scheduled in May, so fans can hear the new material live soon enough. So far, no Canadian shows have been announced.

Listen to “Drink the New Wine” below.


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