Aritzia just launched a new clothing line for Lunar New Year


To be honest, when we think of the “Year of the Tiger,” our minds don’t exactly go to a cute and cuddly place. That’s been turned upside down with the new Lunar New Year clothing line coming from Aritzia! The Vancouver-based brand teamed up with a Jakarta-based artist to make it happen. Let’s look at this.

Debbie Tea, known for her playful illustrations and artistry, is behind the graphics for this year’s collection. Also sharing the tiger as his own Chinese zodiac sign, the artist not only included downright adorable versions of a tiger, but also some of his favorite foods growing up.

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This includes noodles (for long life), dumplings (for wealth), and bok choy (literally, 100 years of wealth). There’s also a nice little Mandarin graphic in there, which we have to admit might be our favorite on the food side. However, if we want to get something, there will definitely be a tiger on it. Especially when they look as adorable as them!

Which, by the way, we may need to do sooner rather than later. You can check out the full collection Aritzia released for Lunar New Year on their website. Happy shopping, friends!


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