Are you looking for Unique? Canadian Artist ‘Sea Gods’ Series SUPs Satisfy


Sea Gods is a fairly new Canadian paddle board brand (founded in 2017). 2022 was the first season we tested one of his SUPs. Pretty soon we realized that her “style” is the best part.

Every time I took the Sea Gods paddle board out of its bag and carried it to shore, passers-by stopped to ask about the eye-catching artwork. Which is, really, different than any other paddle board.

From budget SUPs to high end SUPs, there is no shortage of color, pattern or design choices. Many SUPs tend to have water, river or mountain type graphics, while some have stripes or lines. There are even a few that have camouflage patterns or even faux wood envelopes.

But when it comes to the “prettiest” SUPs on the market, Sea Gods can take the cake.

In short: We tested two different paddleboards (plus accessories!) from Sea Gods to get a feel for this brand’s performance and style. The boards are great, have good stability, and there are a ton of different SUPs out there that cater to everyone from beginners to experts.

While the construction is solid and the performance on the water is good, the design and craftsmanship of each board is by far what sets Sea Gods apart.

Artwork of the Sea Gods

(Photo/Sea Gods)

Why are Sea Gods SUP boards so unique? The brand uses custom artwork designed by independent artists. Similar to custom topsheets on skis, the time, quality, and unique custom nature of each board is what caught our attention.

You can support and give exposure to an independent artist of your choice – and get a quality board, whether it’s an all-around board, one for yoga or one for ultralight adventures .

And, the series of artists changes every year, so there are only a certain number of boards with each artwork design. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Sea Gods Diatom Review 2022

diatom of the sea gods

I tested this board for 5 months this summer (and early fall), in half a dozen different flat lakes around Colorado. In my opinion, this Sea Gods SUP is just as great for all-around intermediate paddling as several other inflatable SUPs we’ve tested – and the artwork is just a bonus.


  • Materials: 1.7mm PVC with heat molded seams, drop stitch fabric 12800/M2
  • Cut: 10 feet by 34 inches by 6 inches
  • psi: 14-18 (max 20psi)
  • Lester: 24 pounds.
  • Accessories: Electric pump, kayak seat (we tested both)
  • Advantages: Spacious deckpad, stability, quality carbon paddle
  • The inconvenients: Limited deck storage
  • Best Use: Complete flat water paddling, lakes, river paddling

What we liked

Of course, it’s GearJunkie, so in testing it’s not really about looks. This board is well made (I always check the drop points, seams, attachment points and overall SUP for any wobbly builds).

The two boards we tested, the 11ft Skylla and the Diatom (reviewed here), were really light: 20 to 24 pounds, less accessories. The fin box is universal and the inflation connection supports most electric pumps if you choose to use one.

One of the things I noticed early on is that the Sea Gods SUP comes with a really nice carbon paddle, one of the best paddles we’ve seen so far included with a stock SUP package . It is a three-piece carbon fiber shaft with a nylon blade, and it has great stiffness and performance quality.

Finally, I also appreciated the board bags of this brand. They have caster wheels on one side, so they are easy to transport from a house to a car, as in an urban setting as on a sidewalk. But the bags are also covered with handles and tidy, so they are also easy to carry like a backpack.

About the artist: Sea Gods 2022 Diatom

Diatom of the Sea Gods
(Photo/Sea Gods)

Markovka is a Russian-based surface designer who creates unique ornaments, detailed floral patterns, and various other nature-inspired illustrations. Its patterns are dreamy and full of tangled lines and fantastical plants. Markovka has a passion for nature and color that sets her work apart,” writes Sea Gods.

The detailed mandala-style floral patterns on the Diatom not only adorn both sides of the board, but also the EVA deckpad. Each square centimeter appears with a pattern and a color. And the artist even incorporated the Sea Gods mermaid and trident logo.

Conclusion on the Sea Gods SUP

We had a blast testing the Sea Gods 2022 Diatom and Skylla SUPs over the summer (and fall). If you haven’t yet found a SUP on the market that matches your personality, Sea Gods probably has a SUP for you. Some have called them the best looking SUPs in the industry, but along with that we have found that they also perform very well.

If you are more of an occasional paddler, we recommend the Diatom, which the brand touts as the “top iSUP in Canada”. If you are more intermediate or like paddling longer distances, opt for the touring model, the Skylla.

His Artist Series designs change every season – and based on the current Artist Series and the fun we had on our first Sea Gods boards, we can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2023.

Check Diatom Availability at Sea Gods

sea ​​gods
(Photo/Mary Murphy)
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