Annecy salutes the “Perlimps” of Ale Abreu, director of “The Boy And The World”


Acclaimed Brazilian screenwriter and director Alê Abreu, director of the Oscar-nominated film “The Boy and the World”, will world premiere his electric feature film “Perlimps” at the upcoming Annecy International Animation Film Festival after excerpts of the project were teased as part of the festival’s Works in Progress program last year.

“Perlimps” will be screened in Annecy as a Special Event.

The film presents a mythical prism of spreading hues to create a dense enchanted forest depicted in painterly tropical tones. In the middle of the backdrop, two rivals, Claé and Bruó, reluctantly join forces in an effort to save their precious forest and the Perlimps from the giants that surround the forest and find peace.

The producers of the animated feature also exclusively shared with Variety a new image from the film, which introduces a third character, John Ovenbird, when he meets Claé and Bruô.

“The film is simply magnificent. It’s both a story of secret agents and a pacifist and ecological fable, a film for the whole family that leaves the spectator amazed,” laughs Marcel Jean, artistic director of Annecy.

He added: “It’s a treat for festival-goers who will have the privilege of seeing it before the rest of the world, and Annecy is proud to present it to the public. The film pleases the public. It’s a pure gem”, laughs

Produced by Sao-Paul-based Buriti Filmes, the production house of directors Lais Bodansky (“Just Like Our Parents”) and Luiz Bolognesi (“The Last Forest”), two films that caused a stir in Berlin, “Perlimps” is co-produced by Sony Pictures International Productions and Globo Filmes.

Best Friend Forever handles global sales. Sony Pictures distributes in Latin America in collaboration with Vitrine Filmes for Brazil.

The “Perlimps” trailer features bright and colorful ants walking before moving to reveal the vast desert, where our protagonists glide through their respective spaces before colliding and walking through ever-increasing landscapes. dystopians to combat disturbing threats to their innocence and sovereignty.

“Alê Abreu’s cinema unites utopia, fantasy and resistance. The handmade mode with all the backgrounds painted by hand, the animation also done in free stroke, the small team, everything subtly works to tell grand and universal stories that speak of cosmic beings and archetypal clashes” , Bolognesi told Variety.

“What delighted me to have participated in the making of the film is that this limitless fantasy is linked to small affections and contemporary traumas. ‘Perlimps’ may be happening right now on the Ukrainian-Russian border,” he added.

Hand-drawn and 2D/3D computer techniques have secured the striking, abstract details that help the feature film relay the larger-than-life hopes of the littlest among us, setting them forth with big dreams that bring countless awards.

Abreu is no stranger to Annecy, having won his Best Cristal in 2014 for his feature ‘The Boy and the World’, which will be nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2016 Oscars. Bolognesi won Best Cristal in ‘Annecy a year ago with “Rio 2096: a story of love and fury”.

Of this year’s inclusion, Abreu commented: “The Annecy premiere has always been our dream plan. I am very happy to have a world premiere at this great festival which is a reference for animated cinema. “Perlimps” comes from the idea of ​​creating an environment to represent childhood as a physical space. Hence the creation of the Enchanted Forest: a magical and lyrical place where all colors and all sounds are possible.

The 2022 Annecy International Animation Film Festival runs from June 13-18.


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