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Stop-motion animation is a popular but little-used cinematic medium. Although it creates unique and beautiful visuals, it is an incredibly time-consuming and laborious affair. Film production therefore tends to opt for more traditional methods of animation, such as hand-drawn and computer-generated images.

Some computer-animated films, such as The Lego Movie, even intentionally mimicked the stop-motion style in order to achieve a fraction of its aesthetic while maintaining a more hands-on production path. However, nothing beats reality. Here are some amazing stop-motion films for viewers who decide to dive into this fascinating medium.


ten Fantastic Mr. Fox

While any animated film can appeal to children and adults alike, Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox is much more likely to be enjoyed by older audiences. It’s filled to the brim with dry humor, subtle jokes and midlife crises, it’s far

The critically acclaimed film’s use of stop-motion, a medium typically used to make films for young viewers, evokes a sense of childhood fantasy that contrasts with its adult themes. It does reflect Mr. Fox’s mental clash between craving the wild days of his youth and protecting what he has in the present.

9 Coraline

This dark fantasy is one of the most breathtaking stop-motion movies to date. Director Henry Selick used a spooky whimsical aesthetic similar to Tim Burton’s designs, to create this adaptation of author Neil Gaiman’s children’s short story.

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Juxtaposing reality and fantasy, truth and deception, it is not only CoralineThe horror elements that enhance its appeal to older viewers. It’s a story of the scary stuff but it’s also a story of the extremely relatable desire to escape one’s ordinary (and often disappointing) life.

8 Kubo and the two ropes

With the ambiance of a folk tale and an enchanting animation style, Kubo and the two ropes attracted many moviegoers. Set in a fantasy version of feudal Japan, the film tells the story of Kubo, a young boy who finds himself on an arduous quest. He must defeat his evil grandfather with the help of his two companions and a magical shamisen, a three-stringed Japanese instrument.

The fantasy film was heavily inspired by Japanese culture. The animators even designed the visuals to reflect the style of a woodblock print, a popular printing technique in East Asia.

seven Corpse bride

A morbid twist on “till death do us part”, this work by Tim Burton never quite reached the level of notoriety of his previous iconic stop-motion film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, it’s an incredible film and remains beloved to this day for its catchy soundtrack, surprisingly dark plot (even for a film about the deceased), bittersweet ending, and hauntingly beautiful visuals.

For those planning on dressing up as an undead bride this Halloween, pop Corpse Bride and take some advice from cinema’s most amazing corpse bride.

6 Anomalised

One of the few R-rated stop-motion productions, this adult animation is based on the audio piece of the same name by writer Charlie Kaufman. The film revolves around Michael, a motivational speaker whose intense dislike for others has caused him to view everyone around him, even his wife and son, as having the exact same face and voice.

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This element that cleverly lends itself to the stop-motion medium, for interesting viewing. The homogeneous world of the film is turned upside down when Michael meets Lisa, an abnormal woman who has her own face and voice.

5 Paranormand

Set in Massachusetts, home of the infamous Salem witch trials, this picture-perfect Halloween flick tackles normality in society and the (sometimes deadly) consequences faced by those who stray from it. Despite the film’s immense humor, its subject matter is no joke. He’s not afraid to shine the spotlight on his dark times.

The film makes remarkable use of its stop-motion medium. Its handcrafted action scenes are spellbinding, and even its most mundane sequences are charming and still a delight to watch.

4 The House

This Netflix Original is an anthology made up of three different stories revolving around a mysterious and life-changing house. Stop-motion animation still delivers stunning visuals, but The HouseThe characters are crafted with exceptional detail and a variety of textures that really bring the puppets to life.

The first story centers on a poor family who jumps on an offer to move into the luxurious house at no financial cost. The second involves a rat promoter trying to sell the beetle-infested property. The third story is about a cat who refuses to leave her childhood home despite the rising waters threatening to wash everything away.

3 The Nightmare Before Christmas

One of the most famous stop motion films in the history of cinema, if not the most famous, The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton spawned goods that it still manufactures to this day. He has made appearances in the popular game franchise Kingdom Heartshas had numerous concerts including one featuring Billie Eilish, and even has a seasonal ride to Disneyland.

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Some have understandably become a little disenchanted with the cinema after its years of mass marketing. Still, there’s no denying that the unique Christmas-Halloween movie helped pave the way for the stop-motion medium and deserves kudos.

2 Chicken coop

While there’s a chance this critically acclaimed comedy will kill some of the fun of eating chicken pot pie, viewers should take a chance and watch this charming flick. It’s packed with humor, antics, invention, heart and incredible animation. This fun movie is one all ages can enjoy.

Chicken coop is currently the highest-grossing stop-motion film of all time. Over twenty years after its initial release, it even has a sequel in development that will premiere on Netflix in 2023.

1 my zucchini life

Also known as My zucchini life, the heartbreaking and heartwarming stop-motion film is an adaptation of the French novel, Autobiography of a Zucchini, which was also adapted into a live-action film. Despite its colorful and charming and quirky animation style, my zucchini life dives in dark places.

Set in an orphanage, the film doesn’t shy away from the tragic realities of children who have nowhere else to go. Yet it reminds the viewer that even in these dark places, there is nowhere that the light of love and friendship cannot reach.

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