Alliston producer puts motorcycle TV show in the spotlight


In “In Search of the Ultimate Two Wheel Classic”, Alan Masters tracks down classic rides, tells their story and takes a ride

It’s already a popular show on Rogers cable and now the TV show, In search of the ultimate two-wheeled classic, will be seen on REV TV Canada’s Motorsports & Automotive Destination 24/7.

REV TV has announced that a 10-part series of the show will air every Sunday at 9:30 a.m., with the first episode already airing on June 27.

The series is produced by Alliston resident Alan Masters, who is also the host, and Don Coulombe.

The show features classic motorcycles that Masters and Coulombe unearthed at various locations in the region.

The program was a webcast produced by the two men before being picked up by Rogers. Switching to REV TV means it will be available nationwide with an option to broadcast in other countries.

During the show, Masters talks to motorcycle owners about their classic two-wheeled rides and gets a bit of history on the bikes. He also explains the unique history of each motorcycle and takes them on a ride himself.

Finding rare and vintage motorcycles is not that difficult for the Masters. He is well known in riding circles, clubs and organizations, and already knows many owners who have vintage bikes hidden or wrapped in a barn or restored and biding their time in the motorcycle spotlight.

Finding vintage rides for the show is a matter of reaching out to friends and acquaintances that he knows through his connections to the various groups.

Masters is a member of the Vintage Roadracing Association and the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group.

“The members know the people – and they know the people,” he explained of the whereabouts of classic and rare motorcycles. “If I’m in a conversation, people will say they know someone who has something rare.”

The show is popular both among motorcycle enthusiasts as well as among those who like to tune in just to enjoy the jokes and the guests, and the beautiful scenery on the rides.

Masters is a longtime rider with racing experience and has also taught beginners how to ride as an instructor with the Humber College Ride Learn Program.

“I started riding when I was 12,” he explains. “My dad was a speedway racer in England before he joined the Royal Air Force. I am one of nine children and my whole family rode motorcycles. My mom rode motorcycles, my brothers all rode and a sister. I have a son and a daughter who ride and all of my grandchildren ride.

The show began as a webcast about 10 years ago, with a view to airing on television.

“When I was working in the corporate world, I was developing advertisements for my company at the time as part of my marketing role,” Masters explained. “I ran into someone who was developing our commercials for us, and due to my motorcycle experience they knew, he asked me if I wanted to be a host on Go to tv with CTV.

“After the show was canceled, one of the videographers at the time, Don Coulombe, who was a motorcycle enthusiast, asked me if I wanted to do a motorcycle show with him. We got together and started producing shows and with my history and background he suggested we do something about classic motorcycles.

For the show, Masters searches for the bikes and writes the scripts. Coulombe is the chief videographer, director and editor.

Masters has all kinds of racing in his past, including classic motorcycles, and has done motocross and road races.

He currently rides a high performance Honda RC 51 sports motorcycle built by Honda Racing which requires special license and insurance due to its superior capabilities. It’s not the kind of motorcycle an average biker could tame.

He doesn’t just talk about classic motorcycles, he also lives the lifestyle.

Masters is restoring a 1966 G15 Dunstall Matchless that he acquired. He had been in a warehouse for 35 years. He is currently in the process of restoring it to its former glory.

The new show on REV TV will bring many of these old motorcycles to viewers.

In search of the ultimate two-wheeled classic is a perfect series to add to REV TV, ”said Mike Garrow, president of the network. “Alan and Don bring such insight and passion to this series that it will definitely be a hit with our viewers.”

The show also includes a “Behind the Garage Door” segment that highlights another two-wheeled masterpiece.

In search of the ultimate two-wheeled classic will air every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

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