Merchandise for Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse began hitting store shelves, revealing the inclusion of a surprising character set to shred it on the big screen: Spider-Punk.

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse isn’t expected to arrive for another year, but toys and merchandise for the highly anticipated movie have already started hitting store shelves. The sequel to Sony’s computer-animated hit Spidey Into the Spider-Verse is sure to be a big one as it will introduce even more Spider-Man variants into the picture, including Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099, Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman and Takuya Yamashiro/Spider-Man Japan, among others.

But there’s one variant that hasn’t been announced but has apparently been confirmed via movie merchandise: Spider-Punk. Pictures of Through the Spider-Verse toys in a Target store suggest that Spider-Punk will make his way into the film.

As you can see, the toys consist of Spider-Punk’s iconic horned mask as well as his signature guitar. They are both clearly labeled for the character.

Spider-Punk, who is an alternate version of Hobie Brown, first appeared in the 2015 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #10. After the homeless teenager is bitten by a spider that was irradiated as part of President Norman Osborn’s toxic waste dump, Spider-Punk becomes a beacon of freedom and hope for the underclass as he fights against the Osborn regime.

The character was created by Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel and has all of Spidey’s typical powers, including superhuman strength, speed and reflexes, accelerated healing, and more. In addition to his web-shooters, Spider-Punk also wields a guitar he’s used to banging his enemies in the head.

There are rumors that Spider-Punk will appear in the movie, but these toys seem to confirm it. As Sony hasn’t officially revealed the character, we don’t know who will be voicing Spider-Punk. However, the hope is that they recruit a real punk rock star to help bring it to life.

Although this is his big screen debut, Spider-Punk has appeared on TV before, making a guest appearance in the Ultimate Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6 animated series. This version was voiced by Drake Bell and speaks with a Cockney accent.

The character has also been featured in various video games. He was a playable character in unlimited spiderman as well as the hit mobile game Marvel Strike Force. You can also get the costume in the PlayStation exclusive Marvel’s Spiderman.

Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse is set to arrive in theaters on June 2, 2023. It is the second film in a planned trilogy that includes the already announced Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Versewhich will hit theaters in March 2024.


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