1860s Fall Fair Weekend and Quilt Show Returns to Upper Canada Village


Provided by St. Lawrence Parks

September 17-18, 2022

Farmers, artisans, and artists bring their wares to the fair to be judged while everyone wins with old-fashioned fun!

On Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18, 2022, Upper Canada Village presents its 1860s Quilt Fair and Exhibit. A wonderfully recreated 1860s Fall Fair with exhibits, livestock, performances and fun for all family, the fall fair is another annual favorite that is making a comeback this season.

Farm and dairy products, heirloom vegetables, flowers, quilts and fine arts will be on display throughout the weekend. Cattle breeds found in Eastern Ontario in the 1860s will be featured, and at 2 p.m. each day there will be a horse and cattle show. You can participate in old-fashioned entertainment and games and enjoy musical and magical performances throughout the day.

The Fair will feature public entries of artwork, preserves, handicrafts, vegetables and other items. Categories and exhibit classes match those of 1860s fairs, and submission guidelines ensure that entries are as close to 1860s descriptions as possible. Three regional quilting guilds will participate in the Guild Quilt Show and the Quilting Bee . Guests can watch passionate quilters in action!

The Upper Canada Village Fall Fair and Quilt Show runs all day from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Check the calendar of events and buy tickets at uppercanadavillage.com. Weekend events are included in regular admission prices. Purchasing tickets before arrival is highly recommended.


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