10 superhero shows that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike


Over the years, superheroes have gone through different stages to appeal to kids or adults, from Saturday morning cartoons geared towards youngsters to adult animated adaptations designed to keep kids away. It can sometimes be difficult to find a happy medium for adults who want to enjoy TV superheroes with young children without boring each other.

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There are a few shows based on superheroes that fans of all ages could enjoy together for a variety of reasons, from nostalgia with returning characters to well-written stories that capture the spirit of comic book characters. We’ve rounded up a few options for adults looking to enjoy superhero shows alongside kids without having to sit through something neither really wants to see.

ten Teen Titans is a suitable alternative for adults compared to the younger series

If it is not always easy to share the pleasure of a series like The Teen Titans Go! which has been enjoyed by young audiences for years, both adults and children can get on board with the original Teen Titans series broadcast in 2003.

Teen Titans created the character archetypes used for the Go! series, although the original series was aimed at a slightly older audience, which allowed for more development from the team who also loosely adapted more than a few storylines from the comics. Kids will enjoy the still-young version of the teenage heroes while adults will appreciate both the nostalgia and the well-developed episodes.

9 Guardians of the Galaxy is fun and full of adventures in the Marvel Universe

Guardians of the Galaxy animated series

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fell in love with one of the shared universe’s most surprising hits, 2014’s guardians of the galaxy. DisneyXD aired a series loosely based on the film version of the characters, although it was also released from film continuity to explore new stories.

The series features fun and comedic dynamics between team members as well as action-packed space battles that explore the Marvel Universe in a way that can entertain viewers of all ages. The series has three seasons and has crossed over with a few other Marvel series over the years, which should be a fair amount of content for fans to devour.

8 The various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchises are filled with nostalgia for fans

TMNT animated versions

While fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dating back to comic books and animated series that debuted in the late ’80s, half-hull heroes reappear every few years with a new take on classic characters to appeal to new generations of kids.

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The franchise received a modern upgrade in 2003 that included a number of nostalgic nods to the original series. A 3D computer-animated series in 2012 added a new dimension to the franchise which again featured more callbacks to the series and the original comics before 2018. The Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rebooted characters for a new generation.

seven The Flash is a family series sure to grab everyone’s attention

The flash season 8

When The CW launched its universe of DC TV adaptations with Arrow fans applauded the show’s darker side. However, when the flash became the Arrowverse’s first spin-off in 2014, the series took a more light-hearted approach that garnered an even bigger fanbase than Arrow.

Adults and children alike have been drawn to the series as Barry Allen and his incredible super speed face off against some interesting new villains as he further explores his powers alongside Team Flash. Although he may have lost fans in later seasons, the flash remains a show suitable for the whole family.

6 Marvel’s Spider-Man Is A Modern Take That Brings Something New For Adults And Kids

Marvel's Spider-Man Animated Series

There have been a number of animated series based on Spider-Man over the years, although the most recent series that aired on DisneyXD in 2017 is called Marvel’s Spiderman. The series completely reimagined the origins of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and his cast of characters to fit an advanced science high school environment.

Classic villains received high school revamps while Spider-Man received a team of scientific marvels that helped him deal with a number of comic story-based events. The new angle of Marvel’s Spiderman gives something new to enjoy for long-time fans as well as newcomers to the web0slinger and its wide cast of characters.

5 Justice League Action appeals to younger audiences while paying homage to older series

Justice League Action Team Members

DC’s first super-team has starred or appeared in a few animated series over the years, although 2016 saw the release of a new version of the team called Justice League action. The series focused on the main trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as they worked with young new additions to the team.

While the storylines and humor have been toned down a bit for younger audiences, voice actors from previous iterations of the characters have been brought back to increase appeal to older fans, along with a number of nods. comic book subtleties and other adult-watching treats. .

4 Some Power Rangers fans never lost their love for the long-running series

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver

Many adults these days remember falling in love with Power Rangers by Mighty Morphin when they were kids, and new versions of the show have been continuously released over the years so that the next generation of viewers will continue to watch and enjoy the show.

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For fans who never lost their love for Power Rangers, the semi-continuing mythology of the series usually serves to reward longtime fans while the younger generation continues to be captivated by the martial arts action. and dramatic scenarios.

3 Batman: The Animated Series continues to captivate new and old fans

One of the best superhero animated series ever produced was Batman: The Animated Series which first aired on television in 1992. The series not only revolutionized animation with unique techniques that brought Gotham City to life in a bold way, but also introduced new backgrounds epic for some of the villains that continue to wow fans.

The series’ streaming availability on HBO Max has made it a hit for younger fans looking to explore more of Batman while older fans can re-explore the series that so many adults loved as kids. The series holds up surprisingly well and can unlock DC’s biggest animated universe for those looking for a stepping stone to more superhero content.

2 Stargirl is true to the comics while adapting the story for a modern TV audience

Live action star girl The series debuted on the DC Universe app before moving to The CW along with the other Arrowverse shows. The series followed young Courtney Whitmore as she moved to a new town with her recently blended family. She learns about her stepfather’s past after he finds a powerful cosmic staff that allows her to become a costumed crime-fighter named Stargirl.

The series explores the young heroine’s early adventures as she deals with the legacy of her predecessor and the JSA as she navigates high school and tries to save the day. The series successfully adapts the comic book series while modernizing the storyline for today’s viewers.

1 And if… ? Can have some serious moments but could still appeal to kids

Guardians of the Multiverse from Marvel's What If

The MCU began exploring the multiverse through animated series like And if… ?, which followed Uatu the Watcher as he gazed at a few specific realities. A powerful new threat has formed over the course of the series that has led to Watcher’s formation of the Guardians of the Multiverse, giving fans an all-new team filled with exciting take on popular heroes from the big screen.

While the animated series features dark and serious episodes that include a world of superhero zombies and a wizard pushed to its darkest limits by the death of a loved one, there are also lighter moments that the young audiences will certainly appreciate alongside their parents.

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