10 deleted scenes from the 1990s that would have made his movie better


The 90s are a decade that many fans view with great nostalgia. Not only are there countless classic movies to come out of this era, but there are also those movies that fans keep coming back to time and time again. But while blows like Titanic and Independence day are beloved, these movies could have been even better if they had kept some crucial deleted scenes.

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There are many reasons why scenes are removed from movies, from tone issues to concerns about pacing. However, looking at those scenes that didn’t make the final cut, they might have offered something really special to those great ’90s movies.

ten Titanic (1997)

J. Bruce Ismay in Titanic

that of James Cameron Titanic is already a 3 hour epic, so it’s hard to imagine that there is too much that weren’t included. But the movie is actually missing several scenes that were cut. One of the most striking is an extended streak with the survivors of the disaster.

While the final film features a scene aboard the rescue ship that focuses on Rose, this deleted scene shows the other survivors going through what they just experienced, many of them in mourning. It also presents a highlight as the ship’s general manager, Mr. Ismay, weaves his way through the crowds as survivors watch him silently.

9 The Iron Giant (1999)

The Giant sacrificing himself in The Iron Giant

Although Disney animated films gained attention in the ’90s, The iron giant is a masterpiece of its kind. The story of a giant robot coming to Earth and bonding with a young boy is touching and heartbreaking. And a fascinating sequence helped to foreshadow the giant’s arc.

As the giant falls asleep, he sees a vision of an army of robots coming to Earth and destroying everything with himself as part of the army. He touches on his struggle between his original goal and his new gentle nature.

8 The Sixth Sense (1999)

Since the mystery of The sixth sense is very well known to audiences at this point, it’s easy to forget how brilliantly the film builds suspense from the start. As Dr. Malcolm works with young Cole, there are only clues to his torment and a deleted scene communicates it in powerful ways.

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As Malcolm watches Cole play with his Civil War figures, he comments on two soldiers lying on the ground. Cole goes into an emotional and detailed explanation of who these soldiers were and the life they were trying to return to before being killed in action, raising the question of where Cole heard such a story.

7 The Truman Show (1998)

Jim Carrey delivered one of his best performances in the intelligent comedy-drama The Truman Show. The story of a man who doesn’t realize his life is the center of a successful TV show is so gripping, especially when Truman begins to learn the truth.

In a hilariously deleted scene, Truman meets a man in a wheelchair and gives him his sandwich. But the next day, Truman sees this same man, now running down the street, playing a different role in this story.

6 Independence Day (1996)

Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day

Although Independence day is an exciting sci-fi adventure, there is one aspect of the film that has always been criticized. Jeff Goldblum’s character uses his 90s computer to implant a virus into the mothership and bring down the alien army. It was too much to believe for some, but a deleted scene actually fixed that problem.

The simple, short scene shows Goldblum inspecting the captured spaceship and seeing that it is using the same frequency as the countdown timer he discovered earlier. Therefore, the final scene is less about hacking alien technology than it is using their technology against them.

5 Dogma (1999)

Jason Lee as the demon Azrael enjoying the air conditioning in Dogma

Kevin Smith’s Dogma is one of the filmmaker’s best films in his View Askewuniverse. The film also presents many complex and compelling ideas about religion, all told in a wild comedy adventure. But one of the film’s most interesting concepts ended up being cut.

The scene involves the demon Azrael explaining why hell is actually mankind’s fault. He explains that before it was simply a lonely void filled with demons, but when humans did not repent of their sins, they came to Hell and took their guilt with them, turning it into a well of suffering.

4 The Mask (1994)

Dorian in The Mask

Although Jim Carrey The mask was a hilarious and fun comedy, it differs a bit from the much darker source material. However, there is one deleted scene that gives a little clue to what this movie might have looked like.

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In a scene set in a newspaper printing press, the villainous Dorian takes control of the magic mask. He then gets rid of an intrusive reporter by throwing her into the printing press, resulting in the printing of newspapers with a headline about her death.

3 Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (1997)

Austin Powers

The Austin Powers films parodied the James Bond franchise in several clever ways. However, one of the best gags from the first movie ended up being cut which examines the aftermath of super spies killing so many nameless henchmen.

After Austin Powers crushes a henchman with a steamroller, the film moves to the henchman’s home where his wife and stepson learn the sad news. It’s a bit of hilarious dark humor that makes all the henchman deaths in the Bond films that much sadder.

2 Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

2 arm termination t800

Not only is Terminator 2 a bigger sequel than the original, but it also intelligently reinvents aspects of the first movie. The T-800 becomes the hero protecting John Conner in what turns out to be a touching relationship. But a crucial deleted scene helps explain their connection.

As the heroes take a moment to hide, John questions the Terminator about his cyborg mind. He explains that Terminators have the ability to learn, but they are automatically programmed with a “read-only” setting. This leads John and his mother to reset the Terminator, allowing him to learn and potentially make his sacrifice more human in the end.

1 The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Hannibal Lecter leaning against the glass

Hannibal Lecter is one of the most terrifying movie villains of all time. While he forms a strange bond with Clarice, he seems almost inhuman in his personification of evil. But he shows a deeper side of himself in a fascinating deleted scene.

The scene takes place during one of Clarice’s visits with Lecter in which he provides his analysis on the serial killer known as Buffalo Bill. With tears in his eyes, Lecter explains that Bill has become a killer after years of abuse and feelings of ignorance. It’s a rare display of emotion, suggesting Lecter might share a similar past.

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