Honor Loans: Requirements to Meet for Access



If you are unemployed and live in one of the territories that can benefit from government incentives , with a loan of honor you can get a loan to start a new work activity.

The honor loan is also valid for students to help them with their studies. The student can start to repay the loan at the end of the course of study. We see in this article all the characteristics of the loan of honor for students and the unemployed.

Honor loan: what it is


The honor loan is for new business activities as a sole proprietorship or company. It is granted with favorable terms and is a non-repayable loan at a reduced rate and must be repaid in 5 to 8 years, depending on the type of loan requested.

The subsidized loans have been designed precisely to help the development of micro-enterprises in disadvantaged geographical areas. They are aimed above all at young people under 35 years of age and at women, but loans can also be granted to the unemployed in the over 35 age group.

Honor loans for students are subsidized loans that are offered to those who are attending a university course or who are following a specialization course after graduating both in Italy and abroad.

The regulation of this form of financing

The rules on the provision of loans for self-employment and self-employment can be found in Legislative Decree n. 185/2000. Invitalia (formerly Sviluppo Italia) is the national agency for the attraction of investments and business development that follows the process for obtaining the loan.

This type of loan helps to increase the country’s economic growth by encouraging the economy of disadvantaged areas , especially in southern Italy. By issuing loans with favorable terms, Invitalia encourages the creation of startups and entrepreneurial innovations.

Honor loans are aimed at encouraging jobless people to enter the labor market and encouraging entrepreneurship. This type of financing also includes a period of time dedicated to technical assistance.

In all the initial phases starting from the start of the activities, the beneficiaries are followed by tutors and consultants.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

This type of loan is reserved for the following regions:

  • Abruzzo;
  • Molise;
  • Puglia;
  • Basilicata;
  • Campania;
  • Calabria;
  • Sardinia;
  • Sicily;

To get a subsidized loan you must be of age and be unemployed for at least 6 months until the date of submission of the loan application. The incentives are divided into different areas:

  • Self-employment : which allows residents in disadvantaged areas to apply for a loan to create a sole proprietorship in the production or service sector. The maximum request is € 25,823.
  • Micro-enterprise loan : granted to those who want to create a partnership. For funding, half of the members must be over the age of 18, have half the company shares and be unoccupied to submit the application. The maximum amount is € 129,114;
  • Franchising : there are no maximum amounts for financing, but a business plan must be defined with one of the franchisors directly affiliated with the agency;
  • Honor loans for self-employment : reserved for young people under 35 and for women. The loan can be requested by natural persons who undertake to start the business within 45 days of the arrival of the loan of honor and also to companies formed by no more than 12 months;

The loan covers up to a maximum of 75% of the costs, it is granted in the form of a zero rate loan with a duration of 8 years. The incentives will be granted after a positive assessment of the business project.

Student loan of honor

Student loan of honor

The honor loan for students is granted to students enrolled on undergraduate and postgraduate or master degree courses. They are also reserved for those who attend post-graduate specialization schools, or masters of I or II level, or those who follow advanced courses or are carrying out a research doctorate.

If the student is enrolled in one of these courses or if he intends to attend one of the courses, the loan can cover all the costs such as course registration costs, the cost of buying books, to pay for food and even accommodation. However, merit requirements are required with a minimum number of CFUs.

The loan of honor for students is granted with credit opening in the current account and is credited in several installments with fixed frequency, the applicant can choose the times and the number.

The youth loan is generally disbursed in two or three years, if requested the reimbursement is frozen at the end with a bridge period of a maximum duration of three years. This period helps the student to have the time to find a job to manage the repayment of the honor loan without problems.

How to request it

For students, universities affiliated with credit institutions allow their members to have loans with favorable terms. Below are examples of banks that grant loans to students:

The maximum amount financed depends directly on the type of course and on the university, on average it amounts to € 5,000 per year. The selected university or training institution can provide detailed information on the loan of honor.

If you are an under 35 who wants to do business, you can check the agreements with credit institutions. Checking the conditions of the TAN and the APR of the financing also helps to choose the most convenient loan solution.

The TAN is the interest rate while the APR is the synthetic total cost of the loan where all the commissions to pay for the loan are entered.

The necessary documents are:

  • Fiscal Code;
  • A valid document;

To find out if other documents are needed, it is necessary to request information directly from the university or from an authorized body.

A person in charge will help you to know all the details to request and to obtain the loan of honor to realize your dreams or to follow your studies.