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Fatal1ty, Walshy of MLG and PMS Wedge on Pro Gaming and CES Bloghaus

Most gamers, including myself, wonder how they can make money playing games. So it was only fitting that I pick the brains of three professional gamers. Fatal1ty, Dave “Walshy” Walsh of MLG and Regina Wu of the PMS Clan talk about their experiences being a pro gamer in this latest episode of The Reboot. Don’t worry..I also asked them how us “non-paid video game players” can play professionally ;)

On another note, I’ll be at CES covering everything gaming at the Las Vegas event. I’ll be there from January 6th to the 10th and will be roaming the show floor. I’ll also be doing some interviews at PodTech’s Bloghaus at the Bellagio. The Frag Dolls will be there showing off their skills. Interested in going? RSVP by blogging about it and send me the link to the post and your in! Or you can send an email to Anyway, here’s a video on how the Bloghaus was last year. It’ll give those interested in attending a taste of what it will be like.

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  1. Trenton April 8th, 2008 1:12 pm

    When I get like, 18… Then I’ll be a pro-gamer too. I have a xbox 360 elite, but I never really played PC before. But It was a good episode of reboot, and have “Walshy” email me so then I can get more tips. Thanks.

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